Rotary Kiln Wet Kiln Mud Ring Is How To Produce

- Nov 27, 2018-

Rotary kiln cement ring junction in wet process kiln chain with plastic parts of the biggest slurry, slurry into the kiln, 

the chain, kiln lining, air contact with high temperature, moisture to evaporate, when the moisture content to 24% 30%, plastic, 

like mushy, constantly bonding on the kiln wall, stick more thick, strike off if the chain can't put it in a timely manner and will gradually form a circle of mud.

Rotary kiln this ring is a physical bond.The flow of slurry is seriously hindered after the ring forming.The slurry accumulation in the ring, when the height of the slurry accumulation is higher than the height of the baffle ring, slurry back phenomenon will occur.A large amount of slurry is poured into the smoke chamber and out of the kiln.Slurry back, resulting in uneven feeding, thermal instability, serious impact on production.

Rotary kiln raw material big viscosity, chain hanging method is not reasonable, viscosity and the plane chain transmission capacity of the largest capacity small, kiln speed instability and thermal instability, preheater temperature extremes of high and low, are prone to mud, mud ring to prevent or reduce, 

the preheater temperature of must have a stable and reasonable, in most parts of the plastic zone using plane scraping, large conveying capacity of the hot end wreath type chain loose coarse method, 

so as to timely aborted and off bonding on the kiln wall mud.