Production Lines of SUPER GROUP

- Mar 06, 2018-

SUPER GROUP four sets of annual output of 5000T resistance furnace silk type ceramic fiber blankets production line, with an annual output of two sets of 5000T type resistance furnace silk light ceramic fiber board production line, an annual output of 1500T resistance furnace blowing type ceramic fiber blankets production line; an annual output of 2000T continuous wet ceramic fiber rigid plate production line 2000T, an annual output of intermittent wet hard ceramic fiber board production line; an annual output of 500T ceramic fiber paper production line; an annual output of 20000T electric furnace slag inorganic refractory fiber felts / plate production line; production of conventional ceramic fiber, ecological (soluble) refractory fiber, slag and refractory fiber three series of products, annual output various series of different forms of cotton, blanket, board, paper, modules and other products more than 55000 tons, covering 850, 1050, 1260, 1360, 1450, five high temperature resistant class, the products are widely used in petroleum and chemical industry Electric power, metallurgy, fire fighting, building materials, machinery, space and other industries.