How To Overcome The Front Ring Of Rotary Kiln Is Too Long Outside

- Nov 19, 2018-

The outside circle before too long, no way to live, will be more and more high, brings to the production and operating large difficult and disadvantage.The reasons for this are:

(1)When the rotary kiln is opened and ignited, the coal pipe is too close to the outside, and it is not pushed to the inside in time during the production process, so that the front circle is long in the place where it cannot be watered.

  (2) in production, because of bad kiln was forced to move the coal pipe in the outside, and the calcination time is long, the outside circle before it grows, in this case, if pull coal pipe, general won't burn off the wind, to the cruel, 

would affect the output of one or two classes, the exhaust air down to the front of the will to live position ring, ring burned, so that the tail temperature must have fallen sharply, the incoming material can not burn, and cause big slow kiln,

 but so be it, or even necessary, increase the feed coal, thickening of the bed, before burning.The rotary kiln should prevent the front ring from growing too close to the outside, and generally do not pull the coal pipe on the outside to calcinate.

 Even if the skin of the kiln is not good, it should be sent to the inside after pulling out for a certain period of time to avoid burning out for a long time, so that the front ring grows too close to the outside.