Good Flame Shape Of Rotary Kiln.

- Nov 21, 2018-

In the rotary kiln, in order to reach the required temperature of calcining clinker and keep the material at high temperature for a certain period of time, 

the burning is required to have a certain length, position and temperature, and to make the flame shape complete, lively and powerful and evenly distributed.Good flame shape means:

1) the flame temperature is relatively high and the high temperature part is relatively long, which is conducive to the burning of clinker.

2) local temperature is not high enough to cause less damage and easy to maintain the kiln shell.

3) the low temperature part at both ends does not drag long, the front and back are not easy to form a circle, and the supplied material is stable, 

which is conducive to the observation of materials in the kiln and easy to operate.

4) appropriate location of the high temperature part enables reasonable distribution of thermal energy in the kiln and reasonable production intensification.