Zirconium Ceramic fiber module

- Feb 07, 2018-

Zirconium Ceramic  fiber module
The zircale ceramic fiber module is made of gold and stone grade 1430 zirconium ceramic fiber blanket. The ceramic fiber module has low thermal conductivity, low heat capacity, excellent thermal stability, thermal shock resistance and excellent elasticity.

Characteristics: excellent thermal stability
Recommended temperature: 1200 - 1300 degrees C
Use: heat insulation of furnace lining in metallurgical industry

Technical characteristics:
Because the fiber components are in the preloading state, the lining of the furnace has no gap after the lining of the lining is finished and the fiber components are expanded. The component itself expands and compensates for the shrinkage of the fiber lining to improve the insulation of the fiber lining. Fiber components installed quickly, and anchors set in the wall lining noodles, can reduce the anchor material requirements.