Widely application of ceramic fiber blanket

- Dec 13, 2017-

Ceramic Fiber Blanket widely used in various industries:

Iron & Steel Industries

- Hot-face lining for heat-treatment furnaces

- Back-up insulation for reheating furnaces

- Annealing furnace cover seals

- Covering casting nozzles

Non ferrous  Industries

- Melting furnace lining

- Holding furnace lining

- Investment casting molds wrappings

- Seals between sections of metal pouring equipment

- Filtration medium for separating nitrides & oxides from metal melts

- Filtration medium for separating slag from melts

Oil/Petrochemical Industries

- Boilers & heating centers

- Catalyst base and filter parts in refining hot gases

- Boiler header insulation

- High-temperature filtration of gases & liquids

- Reactors & cat crackers

- Burners insulation

Ceramic and Tile Industries

- Expansion joints and seals

- Lining of elevator furnaces and firing wagons

- Brick factories

Chemical Industries

- Reformer and  cracker furnaces linings

- Filtration & catalyst carrier medium for radioactive particles

- High temperature sealing materials

Aluminum Industries

- Insulation for crucibles, canals and roofs of melting furnaces

Glass Industries

- Repairing fused cast bricks

Transportation Industries

- Acoustical & thermal insulation

- Brake friction pad

- Catalytic converters & exhaust pipe insulation

General Engineering

- Acoustic insulation of gas turbines

- Acoustic insulation of diesel engine exhausts

- Flexible high-temperature pipe insulation