What is high quality rock wool insulation board?

- Mar 14, 2018-

High quality rock wool insulation board should have the following characteristics:

●  it should have low thermal conductivity. Thermal conductivity is an important index to measure the performance of rock wool board. The smaller the thermal conductivity is, the less energy is passed through the material, so the insulation property of thermal insulation rock wool board is also better. (Note: This article is also suitable for vertical silk rock wool board, waterproof rock wool board, etc.).

●  sound absorption coefficient should be high. The sound absorption effect of thermal insulation rock wool board mainly depends on the density of rock wool board in the unit area. The larger the density is, the better the sound absorption effect is.

●  good rock wool boards should have low hygroscopicity. Most insulation materials absorb water and their heat preservation effect will be significantly reduced, because water has high thermal conductivity. Therefore, it is suggested that the customers choose waterproof rock wool board.

● a good insulated rock wool board must be able to have a high strength to support self weight.