Various Refractory Fibers

- Jan 29, 2018-

Aluminosilicate refractory fiber is made from clay clinker (pyrogem) with low impurity content as raw material. It is made of fiber at 1800~2000 degree high temperature melting, blowing or spinning. The Al2O3 content in the fiber is about 45%, and its long-term usage temperature is no more than 1000 degrees.

High purity aluminum silicate refractory fiber using industrial alumina and high pure silica sand or quartz sand as raw material, can also add a small amount of B2O3 or ZrO2 as additives, after mixing, melt blowing or silk fiber, made of fiber with Al2O350%, Al2O3+SiO2> 99%, the highest temperature is 1260 degrees centigrade, long-term use temperature about 1100 DEG c..

Chromium aluminum silicate refractory fiber to alumina, silica powder and chromium oxide as raw materials, in accordance with the silica powder 40% ~ 60%, 40% ~ 55% alumina and chromium oxide 3% to 6% ingredients, by melt blowing or silk fiber, the highest temperature is 1400 degrees centigrade, long-term use temperature of 1150~1200 DEG C.

High alumina refractory fiber is made of industrial alumina and high purity silica as main raw material, and the material is melt blown or filament spinning to get high purity glass aluminosilicate refractory fiber with alumina content of more than 58%. The maximum use temperature is 1400 centigrade, and the long term use temperature is 1200.

Mullite as raw materials with aluminum chloride, aluminum powder, silica sol, acetic acid and various organic additives of stone refractory fiber, by the process of gelling, fibrosis, heat treatment, polycrystalline fiber prepared Al2O372% ~ 80%, its main component is mullite, use temperature of 1300~1500 DEG C.
Using aluminum chloride as raw materials, metal powder, silica sol, acetic acid and various organic additives of alumina refractory fiber, the glue, fibrosis, heat treatment process, polycrystalline fibers around Al2O395%, SiO2 is about 5%, the main mineral composition of theta -Al2O3 or alpha -Al2O3, using a temperature of 1400~1600 DEG C.
Zirconium oxide fire-resistant fiber is made from zirconium acetate, zirconium oxychloride, YCl3, MgCl2, CaCl2 and other raw materials. After making gluing, heat treatment and other processes, the main component is ZrO2 (containing stabilizer) greater than 98%, and the service temperature is 1600 degrees.

Some countries in the US, Japan and Western Europe are usually classified according to the maximum allowable temperature of fire-resistant fiber. The method is to heat and heat insulation 24h samples, and the line shrinkage is close to less than 2.5%, and the temperature is classified as temperature. The highest allowable long-term usage temperature is lower than the classification temperature. In the oxidizing atmosphere, the maximum long-term service temperature should be 100~150 degrees lower than the classification temperature. It should be 200~250 degrees below the reduction atmosphere and 400~450 degrees below the vacuum atmosphere.