Variety and performance of ceramic refractory fiber

- Mar 26, 2018-

Variety and performance of ceramic refractory fiber:

the most important index of ceramic refractory fiber is the diameter and thermal stability of the fiber. Al2O3SiO2 fiber is commonly used in ceramic industry. According to the content of Al2O3, it can be divided into different ranges of application, and Cr2O3 material is also introduced to improve its fire-resistant and antioxidant properties. The fiber products with high alumina content and low impurity content, such as iron oxide, are pure white, and the fiber introduced with chromium oxide shows the color of milk and yellow tone. The average diameter of the ceramic fiber is 24 microns. Low fiber, small density and low thermal conductivity are used in high temperature. If the fiber is rough and the density is large, the effect is not ideal. The thermal stability index of fiber is more important. The line contraction range of Al2O3-SiO2 fiber products at 1260 C is 3588%. The shrinkage is also directly affected by thermal stability.