Use of roving for jetting

- Sep 21, 2018-

Use of roving for jetting

The roving used for FRP injection molding has the following properties:

1 good cutting property, less static electricity generated during continuous high-speed cutting;

2 The efficiency of dispersing into the original yarn after cutting without roving is high, that is, the beam splitting rate is high, usually requiring more than 90%;

3 Short-cut raw silk has excellent overmolding and can cover all corners of the mold;

4 resin soaked quickly, easy to be flattened by the roller and easy to drive air bubbles;

5 The original silk tube has good decomposing performance and uniform density of coarse yarn, which is suitable for various spray guns and fiber conveying systems. The roving for jetting is made up of multiple strands of silk, each strand containing 200 glass filaments.