Types of Amorphous refractory

- Jan 25, 2018-

Amorphous refractory can be divided into seven types, and here is their definitions and characteristics.

◆ Castable material it is mixed with granular refractory materials and proper water and binding agent, with high liquidity; It is usually constructed by vibration or by pouring; Binders are usually hydraulic calcium aluminate cement.
◆ Light castable material: it takes high quality ceramic fiber cotton as the aggregate, adding all kinds of packing, binder and additive, and it is famous for its excellent insulation.
◆ Mouldable refractory: It is mixed with granular refractory material and binder and plasticizer. Refractory materials with high plasticity can be stired and compacted, gaining intensity through heating.
◆ Ramming material: it is a kind of refractory material which is mixed with granular refractory materials and the binder, and it is constructed on the basis of strong pounding.
◆ Injection material: the amorphous material constructed in injection way can be divided into two kinds, wet and dry construction, because it is mainly used for coating and other lining repair, and it is also known as spray coating and gunning materials, respectively.
◆ Casting material: it is a kind of material which uses casting ways to construct.
◆ Refractory clay: it is a kind of amorphous refractory mixed with fine powder shape refractory materials and the binder, and it can be divided into the common refractory mortar, gas rigid refractory mortar, hydraulic hard refractory clay, and heat paste. When adding suitable amount of liquid and slurry mixture, it is often referred as refractory mortar paste and refractory slurry, and when used for coating, it refers to coating material.