Thermal Insulation Bulk

- Feb 01, 2018-

Thermal Insulation Bulk  is a high - purity clay clinker, aluminum oxide powder, silica powder, chrome sand and other raw materials in the industrial electric furnace high temperature melting, forming a fluid. Then the compressed air is used or the silk flung machine is flung into fiber, and the cotton is collected through the cotton collector to form the thermal insulation bulk. Thermal insulation bulk can be further processed into fiber blankets, boards, paper, cloth, rope and other products. Ceramic fiber is an efficient thermal insulation material, which has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, low oxidation resistance, low thermal conductivity, good softness, corrosion resistance, small heat capacity and sound insulation.
The thermal insulation cotton can be used as a heat preservation and cold proof material, which is widely used in passenger train, stadium and theater. It is an ideal substitute for glass fiber and cold resistant materials. It is directly contacted with human skin and will not cause any harmful effects. It is a new non-toxic, harmless and pollution-free thermal insulation material.