The professional manufacturer of Bio-soluble fiber blanket

- Jan 21, 2019-

SUPER production "BioFiber ALT" ecological inorganic fire-resistant fiber cotton is a kind of by the SiO, CaO, MgO style components, using Ann, - special mineral electric furnace production of high temperature heat insulation material, it besides has the advantages of traditional alumina/silica refractory ceramic fiber, the fiber chemical composition meet "artificial vitreous fiber alkaline oxides and alkaline earth oxides weight percentage is more than 18%".By means of the tests of EU ECB/TM/26, Revision 7, Nota Q, 97/69/EC, the solubility was 50-250ng/cm2·hr, which reached the EU KNB index and the KI index of Germany, without any carcinogenic classifications.

In addition, the suple fiber has also passed the German dangerous material related law test request.For practical use recommendations and other product information, please refer to the product material safety data sheet (MSDS).The company has rights to the product.


Bio-soluble fiber features:

Excellent thermal and chemical stability;

Low thermal conductivity and low heat capacity;

Good fire resistance and sound insulation;          

High temperature shrinkage, good fiber elasticity;

Does not contain any corrosive substance.


Bio-soluble fiber product application:

Filling, insulating and filtering materials in high-temperature environment;

Fiber textiles, needlepoint blankets and other raw materials;

Fiber board, fiber paper, fiber spraying, pouring materials, coating materials, and other raw materials.