The method of building fiber in kiln

- Mar 26, 2018-

Kiln masonry fibers usually has two methods:

one is to find a layer of plaster, and bolt riveting, generally use the high temperature metal bolt rod in 1222 degrees below 1223 DEG C, using ceramic riveting pieces. One end of the hot surface is filled with loose fiber and heat-resistant cement. The use of ceramic riveting parts can also prevent the deterioration of fiber caused by carbon deposition. The second method is the use of prefabricated assemblies, with carpet stacked precast or 305mm wide carpet folded into a preform accordion. Compared to the two, the latter is the same material from the shell to the hot surface, and the energy saving efficiency is higher, but the cost is higher. When the temperature rises, the joint formed by the fiber preform is required to be inlaid with a flexible fiber. It is easy to install, fast and convenient to be repaired with prefabricated components, only to replace the damaged part.