The difference between ceramic fiber blanket and rock wool blanket

- Dec 20, 2018-

Refractory ceramic fiber material is a kind of light, efficient thermal insulation material, compared with the traditional thermal insulation material, it has the following advantages: ceramic fiber lining volume density is low: ceramic fiber lining than light insulation brick lining more than 75% light, lighter than light castable furnace lining 90% to 95%.If fiber lining is adopted, the steel structure load of furnace can be greatly reduced and the service life of furnace body can be prolonged.Ceramic fiber lining heat capacity (heat storage) low: ceramic fiber heat capacity is only light heat resistant lining and light pouring material lining l/10 or so, and the heat capacity of the lining material and the weight of the lining is proportional.Low heat capacity means that the furnace absorbs less heat in the reciprocating operation, and at the same time, the speed of heating up is accelerated, greatly reducing the energy consumption in the furnace temperature operation control, especially on the opening and stopping of the furnace heating furnace has a very significant energy-saving effect.Ceramic fiber for lining of low thermal conductivity, ceramic fiber lining in the average temperature of 400 ℃, the coefficient of thermal conductivity is less than 0.1 w/mk, an average of 600 ℃ is less than 0. L5 w/mk, an average of 1000 ℃ is less than 0.25 w/mk, about l / 8, light clay brick for light heat resistant lining l / 10, adiabatic effect is remarkable.Ceramic fiber lining construction is simple: the construction process does not need to leave expansion joints, construction personnel can be on guard after basic training, construction technology factors have little impact on the insulation effect of lining.