Test and test method of ceramic fiber module

- Jun 28, 2018-

Test and test method of ceramic fiber module

● The same specification does not exceed 500 pieces of ceramic fiber module as a group. The first batch of ceramic fiber modules were sampled at random and 3 samples were collected. The remaining batches were sampled for 6 pieces for inspection and analysis.

● The test methods and requirements for making the ceramic fiber blanket for ceramic fiber blanket, such as sampling and making method, chemical composition, change of heating permanent line, volume density, slag ball content, thermal conductivity, springback and tensile strength, should meet the requirements of 23 grade (1260 degrees C) and 26 grade (1430 degrees).

● The inspection of the dimensions of ceramic fiber modules is carried out according to the relevant regulations of YB845.

● If there is a nonconformity in the test result, the sample of double quantity should be arbitrarily taken from the same batch of ceramic fiber modules for re examination of the unqualified items. If the result of the reexamination is not qualified, the module will be unqualified.