system structure of rock wool composite board

- Mar 16, 2018-

The system structure of rock wool composite board:


System structure of composite rock wool board mainly consists of an adhesive layer, insulating layer, surface layer, decorative layer and accessories.


The adhesive layer is attributed to the building, which is between the bottom layer and the surface layer. First, the upper and lower two layers are firmly bonded with cementitious material, and the filler is mainly derived from inorganic matter.


In order to avoid and reduce the heat loss of steam turbine to the environment, the insulation layer is mainly composed of organic matter, moisture and adhesives, which are laid on the outer surface of steam turbine and pipeline.


The decorative layer should be decorated with mortar, decorated with mortar and other lightweight functional coatings or excellent waterborne exterior wall coatings, so that the rock wool composite board maintains its lightweight characteristics, and also increases its beauty.