SUPER ceramic fiber module--your first choice

- Jan 11, 2018-

SUPER Ceramic Fiber Module--Your  First Choice

At present, the ceramic fiber module made of aluminum silicate ceramic fiber blanket by the compression process has become the first choice of modern industrial furnace lining refractory material because of its high temperature resistance, easy construction, and many other advantages. Here Shandong Guangming Super Refractory Fiber would like to introduce some product features:
◆  In the installation process, the fold blanket will have a great stress after being removed from banding, and leave no gap for each other.
◆  The high elasticity of
ceramic fiber blanket can make up for the furnace shell deformation and reduce construction cost. At the same time, it can make up for different gap in the furnace body which is caused by different thermal changes.
◆  Because of light weight and low heat capacity (only 1/10 of lightweight heat resistant lining and lightweight refractory brick), it can significantly reduce the energy consumption in the furnace temperature control operation.
◆  Flexible ceramic fiber blanket can resist external mechanical forces.
◆  It can resist any thermal shock.
◆  The lining body needs no drying and caring and the furnace lining can be put into use after construction.
◆  Stable chemical properties. Except phosphoric acid, hydrofluoric acid and alkali, other acid, alkali, as well as water, oil, steam, will not be eroded.