SUPER Bio-soluble products

- Jan 11, 2018-

SUPER Bio-Soluble Products

Shandong Guangming Super Refractory Fiber Co., Ltd. manufactures ceramic fiber and products with good and excellent quality. Insulating Bio-Soluble refractory refers to refractories with high porosity, low bulk density and low thermal conductivity. Insulation bio-soluble refractories are also called lightweight refractory. It includes insulating refractory products, refractory fiber and refractory fiber products. Insulating refractory is characterized by high porosity, general 40% ~ 85%; Bulk density is low, generally less than 1.5 g/cm3; thermal conductivity is generally less than 1.0 W (m · k). It is used as the insulation material of industrial kiln, and it can decrease furnaces heat loss, save energy, and reduce the weight of the thermal equipment. Heat insulation bio-soluble refractories in week in mechanical strength, wear resistance and slag erosion resistance. It should not be used in the bearing structure of furnaces and direct contact with molten slag, furnace charge and molten metal parts, etc. Insulation refractory products refer to the porosity of no less than 45% of refractory products.