Specifications of aluminum silicate fiber

- Jan 19, 2018-

Specifications of aluminum silicate fiber:

◆  Fiber diameter: spun fiber is thicker with 3.0-5.0 micrometer diameter; while blown fiber has 2.0-3.0 micrometer one;

◆  Fiber length: spun fiber is 150-250mm; blown fiber is 100-200mm;

◆  Thermal conductivity: blown fiber blanket is better than spun one due to its thinness;

◆  Tensile strength: spun fiber is better than blown one because of its thickness;

◆  Application in manufacturing ceramic fiber module: spun fiber blanket is better. During folding process in      production, blown fiber blanket is easy to be broken or tear, while spun fiber one will fold compactly and cannot be easily destroyed. The quality of module will directly influenced it of brusque;