Specification of of rock wool color steel board

- Mar 16, 2018-

Specification of of rock wool color steel board

the width of the rock wool sandwich board is <950mm1150mm, and the length 160000mm can be determined according to the design requirements and the transportation and installation conditions. 2) thickness: 50mm 75mm 100mm [surface material] / lower 0.3 to 0.6mm color coated steel plate (galvanized sheet, stainless steel plate, anti static color coated steel plate)

Core material
The bulk density of rock wool is 120 ~ 150kg/m3.

Enterprise mouth type, 950 corrugated (plate, reinforcement can be).

The effective width of the enterprise and mouth type: 950mm and 1150mm; the corrugated effective width is: 950mm.

The thickness of enterprise and mouth type: 40 ~ 150mm; corrugated thickness: 50 ~ 150mm.

According to the requirements of the project and the condition of transportation.

Selected according to the engineering requirement (for the conventional lime, blue).