Single/Double/Multi Walled Carbon Nanotubes Swcnt/Dwcnt/Mwcnt Water Dispersion Liquid

- Mar 14, 2018-

Basic Info

Product Description

  • Model NO.: C910/C921/C930/931/932

  • Single-Walled Nanotube Size and Purity: Diameter:2nm Length:5-20um & 1-2um 91%

  • Multi-Walled Nanotube Size and Purity: Diameter:8-100nm Length:5-20um & 1-2um 99%

  • Trademark: HWNANO

  • Specification: multi types

  • Types: Single-Walled, Double-Walled, Multi-Walled

  • Double-Walled Nanotube Size and Purity: Diameter:2-5nm Length: 5-20um & 1-2um 91%

  • Color: Black

  • Transport Package: Plastic Bag/Bottle

  • Origin: Jiangsu, China

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Application for single walled carbon nanotubes(SWCNTs):
1. Conductive transparent electrode
2. Conductive heating film
3. Conducitve nano ink, nano device
4. Diasplay: field emitter, backlight, flat lamp
5. Nano bio material, chemical sensors
6. Supercapacitor, large surface area, high degree of crystallinty, high eletrical conductivity
7. Lithium ion battery, SWCNTs are now well recognized as an efficient and affordable additive for LIB electrodes, giving higher performances than other classic nanocarbon additives such as VGCF.
8. Carbon nanotubes composite material (reinforcing agent, tools)  
9. Electromagnetism disturbing shield
10. Stealth material
11. Stored hydrogen , environmental protection
12. Making flat panel display device. instead of the big and heavy cathode electron tube technique.                          
13. Electro field emitters for cathode ray lighting elements
14. Electromagnetic-wave absorption and shielding

Application for double-walled carbon nanotubes(DWCNTs):
1.It has many special properties and can be used in electronics, machinery, medicine, energy, chemicals, optics and other fields of materials science, as well as potential uses in architectural fields.
2.They exhibit extraordinary strength and unique electrical properties, and are efficient thermal conductors.
3.Carbon nanotube has the highest strength, which is much stronger than the steel. At the same time, carbon nanotube is very light in weight, which is only one tenth of the steel. It has great application perspectives in the field of composite materials and will be great influence to aerospace and aeronautics.
4.Carbon nanotube has excellent field emission performance. It can be used in making flat panel display device and instead of the big and heavy cathode electron tube technique.
5.It is suitable to use as energy storage material such as hydrogen storage. In medicine technique, it can as nano container and to achieve control the dosage.

Application for multi-walled carbon nanotubes(MWCNTs):
1. Composite material: ESD, EMI Shielding, Reinforced Materials, heat exchanger
2. Energy storage: electrode material for secondary batteries and EDLSs, Catalyst support for fuel cell electrode
3. Conducting paints
4. Chemical sensors
5. Carbon fiber
6. Nano semiconductor materials
7. Polymer composites reinforced materials
8. Catalyst carrier
9. Molecular adsorbent
10. Heat transfer materials

We also offer COOH Functionalized MWCNTs(COOH-MWCNTs)/MWCNTs-COOH, OH Functionalized MWCNTs (OH-MWCNTs)/MWCNTs-OH,Nickel-Coated MWCNTs, CNTs Water Dispersion and CNTs Oil Dispersion.