Shell and tube

- Feb 07, 2018-

Shell and tube
With aluminum silicate cotton blanket as raw material, the mold processing, drying and curing type process. The products are widely used in the thermal insulation of the power plant, chemical industry, coke smelting, heating and other heating pipes. The product specifications are made according to the customer's requirements.
Product characteristics: 

◆ low thermal conductivity, low heat capacity

◆ excellent seismic and thermal stability

◆ excellent machining performance

◆ to make the construction more convenient and faster.

Aluminosilicate refractory fiber products are made of high quality coke and gem, processed at high temperature, blown and made into fibers and solidified. Different products are used to make carpet, felt, plate and tube sleeve. The products are characterized by light weight, non flammability, moisture resistance, hydrophobicity, low thermal conductivity, sound absorption, mechanical vibration resistance, thermal shock resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, convenient construction and no loss. It is widely used for insulation, cooling, dew proof, heat insulation, noise reduction, shock proof, and all kinds of fireproof areas for all kinds of buildings and HVAC pipes.