scientific innovation drives refractory industry development

- Jan 10, 2018-

Scientific Innovation Drives Refractory Industry Development

Refractory material is a main base material in such these areas of steel, non-ferrous metals and construction materials. It is also an important backing material of the essence in high temperature industry. The technological development in high temperature industry promotes the innovation of refractory material.

The scientific innovation of Refractory industry is playing an irreplaceable part in its relative industries development. The industrial development of refractory material has been converted from scale benefit-oriented style into scientific innovation benefit-oriented style, there are an increasing number of enterprises paying attention to the independent innovation and the talents cultivation, meanwhile, accelerate the industry-study-research cooperation, in order to advance the technological innovation and progress.

Now new goal of refractory industry is to realize the production optimization by technology, to achieve production manufacturing in green environmental friendly and energy conservation which would require the industry to be stepped on the way of scientific innovation driven as soon as possible, so as to achieve the transmission from an international production country into a powerful technology country. Under the new phenomenon of economy, it is not enough for the industrial development to have transformation and upgrading, be elevated in equipment, achieve intelligence by transforming process, have specialized production and services, reduce production costs and raise labor efficiency, it is more important to rely on  technological innovation for implementing green refractory development, strengthen technology innovation and cooperation, cultivate new-type talents, be more stable in production quality, make a mutual improvement with high temperature industry.