role of fiberglass

- Oct 24, 2018-

The role of fiberglass:

1. Reinforce rigidity and hardness. The increase of glass fiber can increase the strength and rigidity of plastic, but the toughness of the same plastic will decrease. Example: flexural modulus;

2, improve heat resistance and heat distortion temperature; nylon, for example, increased the fiberglass nylon, the heat distortion temperature is at least doubled, the general glass fiber reinforced nylon temperature can reach 220 degrees or more

3. Improve dimensional stability and reduce shrinkage;

4. Reduce warpage deformation;

5. Reduce creep;

6, the flame retardant performance due to the wick effect, will interfere with the flame retardant system, affecting the flame retardant effect;

7. Reduce the gloss of the surface;

8. Increase hygroscopicity;

9, glass fiber treatment: the length of glass fiber directly affects the brittleness of the material. If the glass fiber is not handled well, the short fiber will reduce the impact strength, and the long fiber treatment will improve the impact strength. In order to make the brittleness of the material not to drop greatly, it is necessary to select a certain length of glass fiber.

Conclusion: To achieve good impact strength, the surface finish of glass fiber and the length of glass fiber are essential!