Requirement of Rock wool plaster layer construction

- Mar 13, 2018-

System construction plastering should meet the following requirements of external wall thermal insulation rock wool:

●  rock wool board paste after surface treatment with plaster surface plate, scraping the mortar on the surface coated with a stainless steel spatula (thickness 1 ~ 1.5mm), and press the rock wool board surface fiber.

●  mortar should be configured in strict accordance with product instructions, configuration of the adhesive should avoid direct sunlight, and should be used within 2h.

●  The layer consists of two layers of plaster. The first layer of plaster mortar thickness is 2 ~ 3mm, should be the first to use stainless steel spatula toothed plastering, with large spatula and smooth, while wet pressed glass fiber mesh cloth, to be slightly dry to touch hard mortar installed anchors with mortar anchor sealing plastic disc and its surrounding; the first layer of mortar can be slightly dry second layer mortar construction, 2mm thickness, smooth and meet the design requirements of plaster layer thickness.

●  mesh laying should be smooth, straight, and keep the Yin and yang angle founder and verticality, net cloth and so on are due to the lap, lap width not less than 100mm; glass fiber mesh cloth shall not be laid directly on the surface of rock wool board, is not exposed, do not overlap.

●  The anchor should be installed according to the design requirements of the position, or hammer with percussion drill drilling, drilling depth should be greater than the anchorage depth of 10mm, the installation will anchor nail type or screwed into the wall, close to the first disc grid cloth, and in a timely manner with mortar cover disc and its surrounding.