prospect of the development of ceramic fiber

- Mar 28, 2018-

The prospect of the development of ceramic fiber:

due to rising energy prices, fuel costs will become a bottleneck in the development of ceramic industry control, energy saving becomes more and more important. People are becoming more and more concerned about the heat loss of the kiln, and some of the refractory ceramic fibers are added to the original refractory lining surface to improve the thermal efficiency. It is necessary to repair the obvious cracks or exfoliation parts on the kiln wall before adding. However, thermal insulation bricks and refractory fibers can not be arbitrarily abused. So far as the basic oxygen furnace, cement rotary kiln lining, due to the high temperature chemical erosion, temporarily cannot be used for lining fiber.
For continuous heating equipment, such as ceramic tunnel kiln, refractory ceramic fiber has been used as a lining for continuous heating equipment. According to relevant information, the energy saving effect of refractory ceramic fiber in quick push plate kiln and tunnel kiln is very significant. Especially in ultra high temperature heating, such as firing temperature in 1538 centigrade 1649 centigrade kiln, the use of refractory fiber is the best energy saving.
At present, ceramic fiber lining is used in all ceramic kiln equipment in Europe and America and Japan. Not long ago, Japan will be decomposed into compartments such as gas tunnel kiln structure, and then to the segmented manufacturing factory construction site assembly, all of this is due to the use of ceramic fiber material, greatly saves the cost of more convenient because of the kiln. The research on improving the energy-saving effect of ceramic fiber products from the material modification is also in progress.