production technology history of Ceramic fiber

- Mar 06, 2018-

From the historical point of view, the first is the spinning production process, but a single low production capacity, annual output of 1000-1500 tons. The general with the continuous exploration and research to improve the production efficiency and production process, and finally invented silk production technology more advanced, 2-4 times of the single silk production process the production capacity can reach the spinning process. The single annual output of nearly 6000 tons.
Silk production process has been the vast majority of industry giants and customer acceptance, so Chinese almost all new ceramic fiber production line in the last five years have used silk silk fiber blanket spray process also has its unique application, if need to be broken in two made of fiber products (such as: the production of vacuum molding products etc.), spinning fiber for fiber is fine and more easily with other raw materials are fully mixed, so the more popular.
So, the ceramic fiber silk spinning process and each one has his good points, according to the actual application of the customer to use it to avoid its short, in order to achieve the best effect. Of course, is thrown silk is much more than the spray carpet.