Precautions for spraying inorganic fiber cotton

- Apr 26, 2018-

Precautions for spraying inorganic fiber cotton
For the thermal insulation and sound absorption layer after spraying, the ventilation and drying environment should be provided. When the average temperature is 25 degrees centigrade and the relative humidity is less than 60%, the drying time is 24~72 hours according to the different thickness. After that, other processes such as decoration can be carried out.
Coating product protection
All kinds of pipes and ducts should be installed before spraying, so as to avoid drilling and cutting on the base surface after spraying.
During the drying and curing period, the spray finished products are protected from mechanical collision and rain erosion.
Local repair should be made when the spray layer is partially damaged due to collision; for parts that are often vulnerable to mechanical collisions, the coating of glass fiber cloth or other protective materials can be used to protect the surface of the fiber layer.
Keep the spraying area clean, avoid dust flying, and pollute the surface of finished spray coating. In the process of spraying, the spraying operators shall wear dust respirators in accordance with the relevant regulations of the state labor protection regulations, and high altitude operators shall wear protective equipment such as safety belts.