Performance of inorganic fiber cotton

- Apr 25, 2018-

Performance of inorganic fiber cotton.

●  Thermal insulation: inorganic fiber spraying technology is a high insulation material with high insulation value.

●  Sound absorption and noise reduction: it is a very good sound absorbing material. The noise reduction coefficient (NRC) is up to 0.85, which is far higher than other kinds of sound insulation materials.

●   Fastness: unique formula and construction technology, so that product adhesion multiplied, effectively guaranteed for 10 years.

●  Fire prevention: use high quality non-toxic fireproof material, effective flame retardant, and can reach the highest standard of fire prevention in class A, easily pass the fire control acceptance.

●   Insect repellent:

●   Safety and environmental protection: the product is not volatile, does not emit radiation, does not have poisonous gas and poisonous substance to produce, non-toxic and tasteless. Products are non - toxic products, antibacterial and non - mildew, environmental health.

●  Convenience: the product is installed from construction to dry. It can be used as soon as 3 days, greatly improving the rental efficiency caused by decoration.