Performance index of inorganic fiber cotton

- Apr 25, 2018-

Performance index of inorganic fiber cotton
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The surface is like carpet texture, police stick flat processing shape.

Flat surface

Can be used as surface decoration
whitecolor can be chosen to mix
Fiber diameter
3Environment-friendly, non-toxic and non-stimulating products
Material densityKg/m338
Slag ball rate%0no dust
Applicable temperature range>4
The adiabatic coefficientw/m﹒℃0.0346ASTM C-518
Sound absorption coefficientNRC0.95-1.00ASTM C-423
Fire rating gradegradegrade/0GB8624-1997 ASTM E-136
Adhesive strengthKPa7.4ASTM E736
Antibacterial properties
Sterile growthCAN4-S114
Glue is environmental protection
Achieve the Olympic green target GB18583-2001