Orcas High Temperature Insulation Ceramic Fiber Gasket Paper

- Feb 28, 2018-

Basic Info

Product Description

  • Refractoriness (℃): 1260c

  • Origin: Zhejiang, China

Product Descriptions
Orcas high temperature insulation ceramic fiber paper featured by the aluminosilicate ceramic fiber cotton as the main raw materials are made using wet forming process.  Ceramic fiber paper with excellent chemical stability can resist erosion of most etchant, except hydrofluoric acid, phosphoric acid and strong alkali.  If ceramic fiber paper is soaked by water or steam, after drying, the thermal and physical properties can still be fully recovered . Most of the grades of ceramic fiber paper does not contain combined water. Ceramic fiber paper has good dielectric strength.
The characteristics of the ceramic fiber paper to non-asbestos, long fiber, less slag ball, small density, strength, good elasticity, easy cutting, such as winding operation. Suitable for high temperature heat insulation, thermal insulation, sealing, electrical insulation, sound-absorbing, filtering, etc., can replace asbestos products, is a kind of advanced lightweight refractory materials. For the first time in its exposure to temperature above 230 oC, except some Inorganic substance, ceramic fiber paper will produce a small amount of smoke and trace the degassing of material. 

Classification temperature(oC)1260C
Tensile strength(kg/m2)0.3-0.9
organic content(%)<8

Product Details
The product features of Orcas high temperature insulation ceramic fiber paper
1.High flexibility
2.High resistance to tear
3.Low content of slag ball
4.Heat resistance

The product applications of Orcas high temperature insulation ceramic fiber paper
1.high temperature gaskets
2.asbestos substitutes
3.muffler car muffler insulation materials, the exhaust pipe
4.models lined decorative glass and jade crystal glass
5.furnace door and the expansion joint sealant
6.fireproof materials
8.hot gas filtration media
9.molten metal spatter and spark guard

Specifications and packaging
(1)Common specifications(mm):
(2)Special specifications can be customized
(3)Packaging: cartons, plastic bags inside


1. Are you a trader or manufacturer?
A: We are manufacturer, we have own factory.
2. What is the delivery time?
A: About 10-20 days after the contract signing.
3. Can you provide sample?
A: Yes, we can offer sample , and some samples are free
4. Can you delivery by express?
A: Yes, we can delivery by any express 
5. What is your payment methods?
A: Payment terms :T/T 30%-50% deposit after order confirm ,the balance after goods ready before shipping or L/C, or Western Union for small amount. Or PAYPAL.