No-Binder Bio-Soluble Fiber Paperthe Glass Ceramics with Hot Melt (bending) Film Glass;

- Mar 14, 2018-

Basic Info

Product Description

  • Model NO.: No-binder Bio-soluble Fiber Paper Thermal Insulat

  • Temprature Classification: 1260℃

  • Shape: Ceramic Fiber Paper

  • Kind: High Purity Ceramic Fiber

  • Certification: SGS, TUV, MSDS

  • Transport Package: Carton

  • Origin: China

  • Usage: Filter Material, High Temperature Insulating Material

  • Chemical Composition:: Al2O3.SiO2

  • Manufacturing Technique: Spray Silk Rug

  • Color: White

  • Trademark: DL-thermal

  • Specification: Thickness 0.25-12mm

  • HS Code: 69149000

No-binder Bio-soluble Fiber Paper  Thermal Insulation 0.3mm Thick

General Information
    The traditional refractory fiber of preparation and use in the process of dust is easy to be absorbed into the body, the inhaled fibers in the human body is not easy to degrade and does harm to the human health and floating in the air of the fiber on the environment also caused certain pollution.  
    No-binder bio-souluble Fiber Paper without Organic binder and use green products, without any stimulation and harm to human body and environment.
New products, is our company Star products, few companies can produce.
    The No-binder bio-souluble Fiber Paper is commonly used in various types of heating equipment.

Low coefficient of heat-conduction ratio,
low thermal capacity,
Thermal shock resistance,
High quality of flexility and tear resistance.
Not include asbestos, erosion resistance.
High quality of insulation and sound insulation.
Easiness of mechanical processing.
Tough texture and high quality of compression resistance.

Industrial electric motor insulation
The door of the furnace and the furnace expansion joints sealing material;
Cast aluminum liner model;
The glass ceramics with hot melt (bending) film glass;
The high temperature gasket asbestos substitutes;
Model of lining fireproof material 
Hot air filter media - jade crystal glass and decorative glass;
Partition or template removal;
Sound insulation materials - car muffler, 
Isolation anti sintering materials
Instruments and equipment heating device of insulation and electrical insulating materials,
Acoustical insulation of automobile muffler, 
Exhaust pipe heat preservation material, etc.

Product standard specification
Ceramic fiber paper Classification temperature:800-1000oC
Size: product width range 50~1240mm, length according to customer requirements.
Packing: in the form of coiled material supply, the inner packaging for the plastic bag, the outer packaging for the carton.

Model NO.:No-binder Bio-soluble Fiber Paper Specification:0.3MM
Criterion:QB/T 3198-2011         GB/T 16400-2003
1Thickness Range(mm)0.32-0.42
3Tensile strength(KN/M)>0.2
5Chemical composition(%)Al2O3>=44%,SiO2>=53%
6Organic matter content(%)0
7Thermal conductivity (W/m.K ) 500°C≤0.156
8long-term Using temperature(oC )700

Non-standard sizes are available on request.

Data are of average indication and should not be used as specification. Users are advised to consult us for specific application.

Main Export Markets
North America

Manufacturing process


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