Nati Ceramic Fiber Module (NT-003)

- Mar 16, 2018-

Basic Info

Product Description

  • Model NO.: NT-003

  • Trademark: NATI

  • 305*305*150-305mm: 160/192/210kg/M3

  • Origin: China

NATI Ceramic Fiber Modules, including unifelt\ uni-module and folded module, are made by folding and pre-cutting NATI ceramic fiber blanket, relevant temperature stainless steel anchors are installed into the modules in advance, easy to install and convenient to repair old kilns.

*Low density, low thermal conductivity
*Excellent thermal resistance to shock
*Resistance to air eroding
*Excellent mechanical strength
*Good safety with anchor inside
*Easy to install

Typical Application
*Ceramics: Shuttle kilns, tunnel kilns, kiln car etc
*Steel: Heater, continuous annealing furnace, galvanizing line, kiln car etc
*Heat treating: Annealing furnace, normalizing furnace, kiln car etc
Petrol-chemical: Cracking heater, reformer, gas flue etc