Main applications of Ceramic Fiber products

- Jan 15, 2018-

Main applications of Ceramic Fiber Products
◆  Fire door sealing and curtain of heat insulation industrial kiln stove;
◆  High temperature flue, air hose bush, expanding joint;
◆  Thermal insulation of petrochemical equipment, container and pipeline;
◆  Protective clothing, gloves, helmet, boots and so on under high temperature;
◆  Thermal shroud of automobile engine, package of oil engine exhaust pipe, composite brake pad of racing

◆  Gland packing and gasket used in pumps, compressors and valves which transmit high temperature fluid  

     and gas;
◆  The insulation of high temperature electric appliance;
◆  Fire protection sewing such as insulation materials used in fire door, fire blanket and so on;
◆  Thermal insulation materials and brake pad applied to aviation industry;
◆  Insulation and packaging of deep freeze refrigeration plant, container and pipeline.