Luyang Bio-Soluble Fiber Blanket

- Mar 06, 2018-

Product Description

Luyang bio-soluble fiber blanket is a body soluble fiber than utilizing a unique spinning technology and 

mechanical properties. These special fibers are made from a blend of calcium, silica and magnesium which give fiber the ability to support continuous applications under high temperature conditions. Luyang bio-soluble fiber blanket is flexible and competent in treating with the refractory linings, thermal insulation and metals transfer, it has been proven superior and eco-friendly to traditional refractory ceramic fibers.



Low thermal conductivity

Low heat storage

High tensile strength

Thermal shock resistance

Light weight


Typical Application

Back-up insulation for dense refractory

Annealing furnace linings

Stress relieving blanket

Heat treatment furnace linings

Crude heater linings