lining of the refractory fiber layer

- Apr 17, 2018-

The lining of the refractory fiber layer is also called the stack lining, which is cut into a rectangle with the refractory fiber blanket. It is placed in a right angle with the surface of the furnace shell, and is penetrated into the blanket with a heat-resistant steel drill and fixed in the shell kernel. The ends of the fiber blankets are broken up to form a plane to form the lining hot surface, and the thickness of the lining is made up of a wide surface of a blanket R. In order to avoid the heat flow channel from the hot surface to the cold surface of the fiber blanket L in order to avoid the rabbit in the process, the pre compression installation can be adopted, the compression rate is generally 25%, in order to improve the overall strength of the fiber lining and counteract the shrinkage in the application process.