- Jul 19, 2018-

What are Refractory Ceramic Fibres and High Biopersistence Fibres? 

RCF are a sub-category of man-made vitreous fibres (MMVF) manufactured for high temperature, high performance thermal insulation applications and used mostly to line furnaces, kilns and other industrial heaters. They are also used as an insulation medium or thermal barrier in the automotive, marine, petrochemical, steel, aluminium, ceramic, glass and construction industries. RCF are made from kaolin, a naturally occurring alumino-silicate clay or a synthetic mix of alumina and refined beach sand. HBF are MMVF which do not break down in the lungs and are considered to pose similar health risks as RCF. Whether a fibre is high biopersistence or not is determined by toxicological testing. Fibres which are not glass, slag or rockwool and have not been tested should be assumed to be HBF. A list of common types and applications for RCF and HBF is in Appendix A.