- Jul 24, 2018-

Waste Disposal

Waste and scrap material containing RCF or HBF should be transferred to strong and durable containers. You should consult your local waste disposal authority about whether they accept the waste. Where the waste containing RCF or HBF has been contaminated by other hazardous waste, guidance should be sought from an expert in hazardous waste management.

LABELLING The containers should be sealed and clearly labelled using the Globally Harmonised System of Classification and Labelling (GHS) label elements set out in the WHS Regulations. As a minimum waste containers or bags should be labelled with a product identifier, the name, address and contact details of the person conducting the business or undertaking generating the waste, the GHS hazard pictogram, GHS signal word and the GHS hazard statements. As much information as possible about the waste material should be provided. This can also include relevant precautionary statements, first aid and other safety directions. An example of what should be included on a label is in Figure 1.

Table 3 Example of label elements for Refractory Ceramic Fibres waste