- Jul 23, 2018-

Reviewing control measures 

Control measures to minimise exposure to fibres should be reviewed regularly to make sure they are effective. Work processes often change and can significantly alter exposure levels. The review can be done by using the same methods as the initial hazard identification process. Common methods include inspecting the workplace, consulting, testing and analysing records and data. Reviewing control measures also involves considering whether a higher order control measure is now reasonably practicable. 

You must review control measures and if necessary revise them: „ 

when the control measure is not effective in controlling the risk „ 

before a change at the workplace that is likely to give rise to a new or different health and safety risk the control measure may not effectively control „ 

if a new hazard or risk is identified „ 

if the results of consultation indicate a review is necessary, or „ 

if a health and safety representative or worker requests a review. 

If problems are found go back through the risk management steps, review your information and make further decisions about control measures.