- Jul 23, 2018-

Identifying the hazards 

It is not always possible to visually distinguish between products containing RCF or HBF from low biopersistence fibres, although they commonly are used for different applications. It is important the composition be confirmed before use or removal. A product’s composition can be checked by looking at the safety data sheet (SDS) and product label (see Figure 1) or with the manufacturer. Materials already installed can be tested by a laboratory or test kit supplied by the manufacturer or distributor. If in doubt you should assume the insulation product is RCF or HBF and follow the handling procedures in this Guide. Asbestos is not usually used in the same situations as RCF and HBF, but if the installation is old or you are unsure if asbestos is present, you should have the suspected material identified by a competent person before starting work.