Difference between thrown silk and spray blanket

- Mar 06, 2018-

Ceramic fiber is through double needle process produced, is in high temperature and low temperature environments have been widely used, now on the market according to the different production processes, we see the ceramic fiber blanket is divided into two categories, one is thrown silk blanket, a spray blanket.
◆ fiber diameter: shredding fiber is more coarse, shredding fiber is generally 3.0-5.0µ m, spinneret fiber is generally 2.0-3.0µ m;
◆ fiber length: shredding fiber longer, shredding fiber is generally 150-250mm, spinneret fiber is generally 100-200mm;
◆ spray blanket thermal conductivity due to fiber is fine and is better than throwing silk;

◆ tensile flexural strength: rejection due to thicker than that of silk fiber blanket spray;
◆ Application of production of ceramic fiber block: rejection due to thick and long silk fiber is better than spraying silk carpet, in the block made of the folding process, blowing fiber blankets easily broken and torn, and thrown silk fiber blanket can be folded very closely and is not easy to be damaged, the quality block will directly affect lining quality;
◆ layer vertical waste heat boiler etc. large carpet shop carpet fiber application: rejection due to long and thick, has better tensile resistance, more durable, so the rejection is better than spray carpet carpet;