development trend of heat insulation materials

- Mar 28, 2018-

The development trend of heat insulation materials:

building insulation and insulation is an important aspect of saving energy, improving living environment and using function. The proportion of building energy consumption in human energy consumption is generally in the 30-40%, most of which are heating and air conditioning energy consumption, so building energy saving is of great significance. And because of the heat insulation coating with water as the dilution medium does not contain volatile organic solvents, no harm to human body and environment; the production cost is only about 1/5 and similar foreign products, it is a new type of thermal insulation coatings, has good economic benefits, energy saving and environmental protection, heat insulation effect and the advantages of simple construction etc. more and more people's attention and favor. And the space adiabatic reflective coating is experiencing a transformation from industrial insulation to thermal insulation, and from thick layer to thin layer heat insulation technology. This is also one of the main development directions of insulation materials in the future. Reflective insulation coating by vacuum cavity layer application of ceramic ball type hollow particles formed in the coating material, build a thermal barrier effectively, not only its thermal resistance, low thermal conductivity, heat and high reflectivity, reduce the building of solar radiation heat absorption, reduce the coating surface and internal temperature, so it is an acknowledged as one of the promising energy efficient materials.