Development history of rock wool

- Mar 13, 2018-

Development history  of rock wool

Today, the rapid development of human civilization, the natural environment has been greatly destroyed, environmental problems have become a serious problem that all human beings must face together. The energy saving and emission reduction and the promotion of low carbon green building have become the focus of the whole society. At the Copenhagen world climate conference, our government solemnly made a commitment to the world that "carbon dioxide emissions per unit of gross domestic product will decrease by 40%-45% compared with 2005" by 2020. And the proportion of building energy consumption in human energy consumption is up to 30%. It is urgent to develop new building materials with energy saving and emission reduction and low carbon economy. Since the beginning of this century, due to a fire caused by improper material selection of shocking exterior insulation, causing a great loss to people's lives and property safety, rock wool products with its excellent insulation characteristics is the main festival internationally recognized "fifth conventional energy" in the material. In building, every 1 tons of rock wool products are used for thermal insulation, which can save at least 1 tons of oil energy in a year, which is consistent with the trend of low carbon, energy saving and emission reduction. Therefore, as the ideal building insulation material, rock wool is facing unprecedented opportunities and challenges.