Characteristics of Polyurethane double coated rock wool sandwich board

- Mar 15, 2018-

Characteristics of Polyurethane double coated rock wool sandwich board
●   polyurethane sealing performance: bilateral sealing rockwool sandwich panel using the pipeline production process, so as to use waterproof polyurethane products excellent overcomes the disadvantages of easy deliquescence water rock wool, in the physical properties effectively prolong the service life of the product.
●   beautiful performance: adopt the European standard interface design, the appearance of smooth mellow, smooth surface appearance, tight joints, reliable strength, prevent cold bridge.
●   good rigidity: polyurethane sealing bilateral cotton core material and the two layer of the steel plate into a whole, work together, together with the surface wave pressure on the roof panel, the overall stiffness is far better than the pressure plate clamp (rockwool glass cotton field composite board). Sandwich plate by a connecting piece and purlin fixed, greatly improving the overall stiffness of the roof, the roof to strengthen the overall performance. The rock wool sandwich panel, with large purlin spacing, thus saving the amount of 1/3 ~ 2/3.
●  buckling mode is reasonable: polyurethane sealing wool bilateral roof panel using button connection, avoid the roof joint Water Leakage hidden trouble, saving parts.
●  fixed firmly: polyurethane sealing method reasonable bilateral rock wool roof panel using a special M6 self tapping screws fixed and purlin, can effectively resist the external force of typhoon. The self tapping screw is set at the peak position between the two plate joints of the roof panel, and the special waterproof structure is used to avoid the weak waterproofing weakness.
●   short installation period: polyurethane sealing bilateral rockwool sandwich panel, because the site without the two processing, not only can keep the environment clean, does not affect the other process normally, can greatly shorten the installation period and the board, rock wool sandwich panels on average installed area of up to 600 ~ 800m2.
●   anti scratch protection: Polyurethane double sided rock wool sandwich panel can produce polyethylene self-adhesive protective film on the surface, so as to avoid scratching or wear on the surface of the steel plate during transportation and installation.