Ceramic Sand Production Line Air Box Pulse Bag Filter

- Feb 28, 2018-

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: various

  • Installation
    Method: Vertical

  • Medium Material: Chemical Synthetic Fiber

  • Type: Filter Cartridge Dust Collector

  • Certificate: ISO9001,ISO14000

  • Installation: Under Our Engineer′s Guide

  • Factory Area: 55000m2

  • Spare Parts: We Offer

  • Testing: We Offer

  • Transport Package: Standard Export Packing

  • Origin: Zhengzhou, Henan, China

  • Certification: ISO

  • Operation
    Type: Automatic

  • Dust Collecting Method: Wet

  • Application: Ceramic Sand Production

  • Experience: More Than 50 Years

  • After Sale Service: for The Whole Using Life

  • Design: by Professional Engineer

  • Technical Parameters: See Technical Table

  • Trademark: ZK

  • Specification: ISO9001, ISO14000, CE

  • HS Code: 8417

Product Description

Products Introduction:
Air box pulse bag filter is a set of advantages and room cleaning pulse jet dust collectors, etc., to overcome the kinetic energy when the sub-room cleaning strength is not enough, filtering and cleaning simultaneously shortcomings. Thus making bag filter to increase the applicability and improve the collection efficiency.

Performance and Features:
(1) removal efficiency of up to 99.9%, and dust emissions can be controlled 30mg/Nm3 the following;
(2) advanced sealing measures air leakage coefficient is less than 2%;
(3) advanced structural design, large filtration area per unit volume, the devices are small;
(4) cleaning unique and effective way to extend the life of the bag;
(5) stable performance, high degree of automation, simple routine maintenance.

Air box pulse bag filter from the housing portion, and cinder ash bucket institutions, out of the wind box, pulse cleaning equipment, compressed air piping and pressure relief devices and other components.
Works Principle:
Air box pulse bag filter body is divided into a number of the chamber, each containing a fixed number of the bag, and each box to configure a cylinder chamber driven poppet valve to control the flow of the chamber off.
Dusty gas enters the dust collector, dust particles directly into the large hopper. Gas containing dust particles through the bag, the dust is stuck in the outer surface of the bag, and the dusty gas is purified by the induced draft fan into the atmosphere. With the filter work adhering to the outer surface of the dust bag is increasing. After a certain time, cleaning the controller sends a signal, the first poppet valve on the tank chamber cut filter air and then pulsed valve chamber opening the box be cleaning. After the cleaning is completed, re-open the poppet valve to make this work the chamber re-enter the filter, cleaning the steering box to the next room. The entire cleaning process is alternated each filter unit conducted.

Performance feature
It besides having bag type high efficiency of dust collection, processing, large air volume, stable performance, convenient operation and maintenance, etc, but also has better than type I use effect, is not easy to product powder, widely used, etc.
To adapt to the material
Widely used in shot blasting machine, feed, metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, medicine and other industries of ventilation and dust collection and dust collection

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Dispose air volume28800-4320038400-5760048000-7200076800-115200115200-172800134400-201600
Filtrate wind speed(m/min)0.8-1.20.8-1.20.8-1.20.8-1.20.8-1.20.8-1.2
Room number34581214
Equipment Resistance(Pa)150015001500150015001500
Filter pocket specificationφ 130 × 5150φ 130 × 5150φ 130 × 5150φ 130 × 5150φ 130 × 5150φ 130 × 5150
Bag number28838448076811521342
Temerature(Celsius Degree)< 230Celsius Degre
Cleaning stypeOff-line pulse cleaning