Ceramic Fiber Paper, Boards

- Jul 11, 2018-

Ceramic fiber paper and Ceramic fiber board

Ceramic fiber paper: On the base of traditional process of paper making and paper machinry, the mechanical product line of wet inorganic ceramic fiber paper is developed and established. With the special ceramic fiber as raw material which contains littls residue sphere, the high quality paper is made through slurrying, removing residue, mixing slurry, long-mesh shaping, vacuum dehydrating, drying, cutting and rolling etc. Applications: Insulation, seal and safety materials for industrial need Insulation and heat insulation meterials for electrothermal equipments Insulation and heat insulation materials for appatatus, equip-ments and electrothermal components Heat insulation materials for automobile

Ceramic fiber board: All kinds of ceramic fibre boards, adopting corresponding blowingfibre(ST. HP. HAA. HZ) as the material, are produced by vacuum formed technology. All kinds of ceramic fibre boards, do not only possess the same; Function of fibre, but also have hard texture, excellent toughness and intensity, and excellent fire resistant and heat preservation.