Ceramic Fiber Module (A005)

- Mar 29, 2018-

Basic Info

Product Description

  • Model NO.: A005

  • Specification: ISO9001-2000

  • Trademark: Alert

ALERT ceramic fiber module adopts high-quality spun/blown fiber blanket; Then it is folded and compressed to certain storage. The ceramic fiber module is a new type of refractory furnace lining products aiming at simplifying and speeding up furnace construction and improving the integrity of furnace lining. This product has clean and white color as well as formal dimension, which can be directly fixed on the anchor nail on steel plate for shell of industrial furnace with excellent refractory and insulating effect. Thus, it has improved the refractory and insulating integrity of furnace and pushed forward the progress of furnace construction technology.

Product Characteristics:
*Low density and low thermal conductivity
*Excellent thermal and physical stability
*Excellent insulating performance and integrity of fiber furnace lining
*Easy installation
*Reduced installation cost
*High safety within anchor

Applications include:
*Insulating material of furnace lining for all kinds of kilns in the fields of metallurgy, petrochemical construction and machinery &. Furnace and heating equipment.
*Insulating material of furnace lining for furnace in ceramics, glass and other building industry
*Insulating material of furnace lining for other industrial furnaces