Ceramic Fiber Blanket 1430C

- Mar 07, 2018-

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: 1430C

    Product Description

    Ceramic fiber blanket specification:
    1. Product Features:
    1) Heating is not expensive,
    2) Low thermal conductivity.
    3) Light weight and easy construction,
    4) Arbitrary bending shear,
    5) Continuous production, fiber distribution uniform, stable performance.
    6) The thermal stability and excellent thermal shock resistance.

    2. Product Application: Furnace, plumbing and other insulation devices ideal energy-saving materials.
    1) The kiln in cement industry for back lining insulation
    2) The ceramic industry of the furnace back insulation lining
    3) The aluminum electrolytic reduction Groove Back firebrick liner
    4) The heat treatment furnace back insulation liner
    5) The petrochemical, metallurgical industry furnace lining, the back wall lining

    3. Packing: By carton/plastic bag
    4. Size: Common 7200*610*10-50mm; Others up to buyer