Ceramic Fiber Rope

- Dec 27, 2017-

Ceramic fiber rope
Ceramic fiber rope can be divided into: ceramic fiber rope, ceramic fiber yarn twisting rope, ceramic fiber wool twisted rope, ceramic fiber tube.

The ceramic fiber ropes have the characteristics of large volume density, tight structure, small elasticity and so on.
◆  The seal and heat insulation of the expansion joints of the furnace door, flue and brick masonry.
◆  industrial kiln burner, heat exchanger, high temperature pipe and valve seal coil root.

Yarns Twist Rope: small volume, good elasticity, but poor sealing. Generally, they only insulate insulation fields, such as cables, cable troughs, boards and bridges. High temperature pipes are insulated by heat insulation; industrial furnace burners, heat exchangers, high temperature pipes and valves are insulated by thermal insulation.

Ceramic fiber sleeve use: high temperature wire, cable coating, high temperature pipeline coating. [1]